MoMA Audio Guide: Features, How to Access, What to Expect

The MoMA audio guide is an excellent way to enhance your visit to the Museum of Modern Art.

You can get the MoMA audio guide for free with the museum entry ticket. 

These comprehensive audio recordings offer priceless insights to visitors into the fascinating background of the artwork and exhibitions of the Museum of Modern Art.

In addition, with this free MoMA New York audio guide, you walk peacefully at your own pace to understand each section without having to hurry up if you are in a guided tour group.

Of course, you can skip the audio guide if you want to and complete your tour, but you will significantly miss out on the interesting information that it gives.

MoMA’s audio guide is available in the Bloomberg Connects app in 10 languages, including English.

It lets you navigate the museum, get suggestions on where to start, and discover new and old favorites among the artworks.

How do you get started with the MoMA Audio Guide app?

When you purchase MoMA entry tickets, you get a complimentary audio guide.

The ticket has the link to access and download the app.

Visitors who did not purchase the online ticket can scan the QR code in the museum to access the app and improve their experience.

Download the Bloomberg Connects app on your smartphone and select the MoMA audio guide from the menu to get started.

Go through the audio playlists on the exhibits or enter the number found on the exhibit label of the artwork.

Once you connect, listen to the elaborate audio description and background story provided by the audio guide or take the audio tour.

Features of MoMA Audio Guide

The MoMA audio guide stores information about the museum’s collection, artists and special exhibitions. 

The following are some of the categories of information covered by the MoMA audio guide:

  • You get the perspectives from curators, artists, and other experts on their creations and exhibits at the Museum, offering a fresh outlook and understanding.
  • Specific audio playlists focus on different eras and periods and their time reflections on art.
  • The playlists are kid-friendly, allowing them to understand artworks from a different perspective.
  • The audio guide suggests routes and areas visitors must visit for an extensive experience.
  • They are available in multiple languages like English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • The audio guides have accessibility features for visitors with physical impairments.
  • Get essential museum services information, exhibition calendars, film screenings and events.

Why Use a MoMA New York Audio Guide?

MoMA audio guide is an art enthusiast’s best accompaniment once they are inside the Museum.

It offers access to over 200,000 modern and contemporary MoMA art collections artworks.

The MoMA audio guide app has a distinct approach from other audio guides in providing context for the artwork you’re viewing. 

You get behind-the-scenes explanations with customized audio descriptions beyond simple monotonous narration.

MoMA audio app is supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, which provides an enhanced user experience with its unique and advanced digital content development methods.

It has location-based triggers that enable it to play relevant content depending on the visitor’s location in the Museum.

There are unique guided visualization videos and interactive experiences in the Creative Lab.

The child-specific audio tours have artists sharing their life experiences, engaging narration to provoke creativity in the little ones, and building a connection with them.

For example, you can listen to the popular podcast 99% Invisible, which discusses architectural features or comedians from Silicon Valley joking about pieces in the gallery. 

For first-time visitors, these audio tours are beneficial as they orient and highlight significant features with entertainment.

You get a free app download from the ticket link or scan the QR code at the museum venue for quick access.

If you don’t have a compatible phone, you can get one and headphones from the museum counter.

The Museum of Modern Art ensures that it is all-inclusive for visitors with or without physical impairments to enjoy art.

Tips for Having a Successful Tour with MoMA Audio Guide

To get the most out of your MoMA Audio Guide, consider the following tips:

  • Download the audio guide app with the tickets beforehand to prevent delays and understand how it works.
  • There are over 150 audio playlists under different categories; you can choose the one you want.
  • You should get a good noise-canceling headphone or rent one from the museum desk for a smooth experience, even if the museum gets noisy.
  • Multi-language support allows you to choose the one you are comfortable with to continue the tour.
  • Utilize the suggestions in the audio guide for route navigation, special events, film screening, and other museum services.
  • Use the audio guide app at your convenience and leisurely walk through the art museum without pressure to keep pace with someone.
  • Pause the audio, relax, and get some refreshments to stay fresh.
  • Engage in the app’s interactive and visualization features and reflect, which is often different from just listening to art-related audio.

FAQ About MoMA Audio Guide

1. Is there a MoMA audio app?

Yes, MoMA has an audio app that is easily accessible from your smartphone.

Download the Bloomberg Connect app from the ticket link, App Store, or by scanning the QR code at the museum center.

You can then browse the audio playlists or enter the number on the artwork’s label to listen.

2. What are the audio descriptions of artwork in the MoMA audio guide app? 

The audio descriptions include the background of particular paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc.

They give the artist’s perspective and inspiration for creating the piece of art.

It also speaks about the artist, often in conversational modes, to impart better understanding to the audience.

3. Is the MoMA audio guide free?

Indeed, you can get the MoMA audio tour for free. 

Once you download the free Bloomberg Connects app to a mobile device, visitors can access the audio guide by selecting MoMA’s tour.

4. Does MoMA have WiFi for using the audio app seamlessly?

MoMA has a free WiFi network throughout the museum and a website designed specifically for devices with wifi capabilities. 

The high-speed WiFi allows visitors to use their iPhone, iPod Touch, or other smartphones to listen to the museum’s audio tours.

5. What if my mobile is not compatible with using the audio guide in the Bloomberg Connect app?

If your mobile handset is incompatible with the MoMA audio guide app, you can get a handset with headphones from the museum’s counter.

Featured Image: Moma.org

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