Summit One Vanderbilt Skip the Line Guided Tour

Two years after its inauguration, Summit One Vanderbilt has won the hearts of all visitors and transformed into one of the most happening places in NYC. 

Summit One Vanderbilt offers a highly artistic and advanced observation deck that elevates the viewing experience to a different dimension. 

Due to its popularity, the Summit One Vanderbilt welcomes huge crowds during all time slots. 

If you want to visit Summit One Vanderbilt, escape the crowds and long lines, and enjoy the Summit experience to the fullest, then take the skip the line guided tour. 

What is a Summit One Vanderbilt Skip the Line Guided Tour

What is a Summit One Vanderbilt Skip the Line Guided Tour
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As the name suggests, it is a fast-track guided tour of the observatory decks. 

On this tour, you do not have to wait at any point and have uninterrupted access to all parts of Summit One. 

So, how many waiting points do you have at Summit?

  • Ticket Counter Lines
  • Security checks 
  • Queues to ride the elevator to the 91st, 92nd and 93rd floor
  • There is a small waiting time at each observation deck
  • Waiting time at Apres Restaurant on the 93rd floor
  • Lines to ride the Ascent Elevator

While the online entry ticket saves you from the first line, you must go through the rest. 

The skip the line guided tour will get you VIP access and let you bypass all the lines. 

What to Expect on the Summit Fasttrack Guided Tour

What to Expect on the Summit Fasttrack Guided Tour
Image: Getyourguide.com

This private guided tour takes a small group of 6 people on a tour of the Summit One Vanderbilt observatory decks and amenities. 

The tour lasts 90 minutes, where you will be accompanied by an Ambassador who shares interesting facts and insider information about NYC Summit One Vanderbilt. 

You can enjoy all the art installations like Transcendence, Unity, Reflect and more while your guide captures the perfect pictures. 

Visitors can access their pictures from a private digital gallery after the tour ends. 

Following that, enjoy a signature cocktail at the Apres Restaurant. 

This guided tour is available at 10 am, 1 pm and 10 pm, and there is only one tour for every time slot. 

Hence, if you wish to take the tour, you must book your tickets online in advance. 

Here is a sneak peak on what your VIP tour would look like: 

Note: If you wish to explore more attractions in the neighborhood, try a Manhattan walking and Summit tour. 

This Tour includes: 

  • Entry ticket for six people 
  • 90 minutes guided tour with an expert guide
  • Fast track access from entrance to exit 
  • Cocktail at Apres
  • Digital Photo Gallery

Summit One Vanderbilt Skip the Line Guided Tour price

The Summit One Vanderbilt VIP guided tour costs $1088 for six people. 

The ticket price is the same for the group, even if there are one to five members. 

There are no age-based discounts available for the guided tour. 

FAQs About Summit One Vanderbilt Guided Tour

1. How long does the Summit One Vanderbilt guided tour take?

The guided tour of Summit One takes 90 minutes and covers all the parts of the attractions. 

2. What time is the guided tour available?

The Summit One Vanderbilt guided tour is available at 10 am, 1 pm and 10 pm. 

3. What languages is the guided tour offered in?

The tour is conducted in English. 

4. Is the guided tours available every day?

No, the guided tour is not available every day. 

You should check the schedule on the ticket page before planning your tour. 

5. How much does the guided tour cost?

The Summit One Vanderbilt VIP Guided Tour costs $1088 for a group of six people. 

Hence, it would cost $181 per person. 

The price stays at $1088 irrespective of the number of participants, with the maximum capacity being six. 

6. Can children join the guided tour of Summit One Vanderbilt?

Yes, children are welcome to join the guided tour. 

7. Is the Summit One Vanderbilt skip the line guided tour worth it?

As Summit One Vanderbilt is the latest and most popular observation deck in New York City, it is crowded and a VIP guided tour is a savior. 

With the skip-the-line guided tour, you can get priority access and do not have to stand in lines or waste time waiting. 

The tour offers a complete experience from sightseeing at the observatory decks, clicking perfect souvenir pictures and enjoying a drink at Apres. 

Hence, the Summit One Vanderbilt guided tour is absolutely worth it. 

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