Summit One Vanderbilt Observation Decks

Summit One Vanderbilt is a new development in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, New York City. 

Its most unique and exciting aspect is the Summit One Vanderbilt observation decks on the 91st, 92nd, and 93rd floors. 

These observatory decks offer spectacular views of the New York City skyline and beyond, providing a unique experience. 

This article will discuss the Summit observation deck at One Vanderbilt in detail.

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91st Floor

The 91st floor of Summit One Vanderbilt is 1000 feet (305 meters) above the street level and offers an indoor transparent glass observation deck. 

This floor holds the most immersive exhibit by Kenzo Digital. 

Kenzo Digital is a contemporary artist who combines art, science and technology to provide the most immersive experience to viewers. 

Kenzo AIR is one of the most spectacular 1000-foot-heigh art experiences at Summit. 

The AIR experience starts with a dizzying, multi-sensory journey as you take the escalators up the 91st floor to experience AIR.  

The 91st floor houses various sections that reflect Kenzo’s artistic expression. 

The One Vanderbilt observation deck at this level provides views across downtown Manhattan and all iconic buildings of NYC. 

The different sections of the 91st-floor Vanderbilt observation deck are listed below. 

Transcendence 1

Visitors entering SUMMIT One Vanderbilt on the 91st floor are greeted with a fascinating and engaging experience. 

Mirrored floors and ceilings with floor-to-ceiling windows offer a dizzying visual effect. 

At the same time, two portals at each end of the room provide unparalleled views of iconic New York landmarks, such as 

  • The Empire State Building
  • The Hudson yards
  • The Chrysler Building

A non-mirrored path is also available for those who are uncomfortable walking on the mirrored floor.


Upon leaving Transcendence 1, visitors will find themselves in Reflect.

A more intimate space decorated by Yayoi Kusama’s art installation, ‘Clouds.’ 

Yayoi Kusama’s Reflect is a modern art installation in the lobby of the Summit One Vanderbilt observation deck. 

The sculpture consists of roughly 100 mirror-finished, stainless-steel blobs that spill across the floor, continuing the reflective theme that has become synonymous with Kusama’s work. 

The irregular shape and size of the blobs create a striking contrast with the angular edges of the lobby.

 Their mirrored surface reflects the light, making the sculpture appear to change with day and night.

The installation was created to evoke a feeling of awe and connection to nature while creating an interactive experience. 

Viewers can walk amongst the blobs, making them part of the artwork.


Guests who visit Reflect experience one of the best rooms in Summit One Vanderbilt: Affinity. 

Affinity is a playful interactive exhibit that lets visitors connect physically with the artistic space. 

Filled with reflective orbs, this is one of the visitor’s favorite spaces at Summit One Vanderbilt observation deck.

92nd Floor

The Summit One Vanderbilt observation deck height on the 92nd floor is 1130 feet (344 meters) above the road level. 

This level is the highest indoor observation deck at One Vanderbilt. 

Here, visitors continue the artistic experience of the Summit One Vanderbilt observation deck with more installments. 

Transcendence 2

On the 92nd floor, visitors can experience Air: Transcendence 2, an elevated version of Transcendence 1. 

Transcendence 2 is a mirrored space of Transcendence 1 on the 91st floor.

This level hosts a glass platform, Levitation, extending 1,100 feet (335 meters) over Madison Avenue.


Levitation is the latest tourist experience at One Vanderbilt, the tallest building on the skyline of Manhattan. 

The two glass ledges offer a thrilling view of the city and its iconic buildings, like the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and the Hudson River. 

The ledges are suspended 1,100 feet (335 meters) above Madison Avenue and offer visitors a 360-degree city view.

Once visitors step onto Levitation, they are enveloped in the city’s hustle, bustle, and beauty. 

The ledges are made of glass, making it possible to see the city from all angles. 

As you look out from the ledge, you will see the lush greenery of Central Park, the glittering skyscrapers of Midtown and the bustling streets of the Financial District. 

Take the views of the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Hudson River from the Levitation.

Visitors also enjoy a unique experience that brings them closer to the city and its culture. 

Listen to curated music on the ledges, including popular songs and artists from New York City. 

Levitation is a unique experience that will surely provide visitors with an unforgettable view of New York City. 

Step out onto the ledges and be rewarded with heart-racing views of the iconic buildings and streets of the city.

Finally, visitors can take center stage in the unique, personalized digital experience, Air: Unity. 

This experience will take 10 to 15 minutes.

93rd Floor

On the 93rd floor, visitors will have the chance to visit Apres, a Nordic-themed cafe.

Afterward, guests explore the open-air terrace views of Manhattan and beyond, which will take 10 to 15 minutes. 

Then, visitors soar in the world’s giant glass-bottomed exterior elevator, Ascent

Ascent is the best vantage point in NYC that takes the guests to the highest point of the Vanderbilt building, 1401 feet (427 meters) above the street, to enjoy the views of the city.

Views From The Observation Decks

One Vanderbilt hovers over midtown Manhattan as the tallest building in the neighborhood.

This is the perfect location to view New York City’s iconic skyline.

From the Summit observation decks, visitors can see the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, One World Trade Center and the entire downtown Manhattan.

The Statue of Liberty, the East River and the Atlantic Ocean are also visible from the Summit.

Summit One Vanderbilt Observation Deck Opening Hours

The Summit One Vanderbilt observation deck hours are from 9 am to 10.30 pm. 

The last entry to the observation deck is 9.30 pm. 

During the summer months, the Summit extended its opening hours to 12 am, with the last admission at 11 pm.

This extended opening hours of the observation deck lets visitors experience the NYC skyline and the features of Summit One Vanderbilt both during the day and night. 

The entire Summit One Vanderbilt experience takes 90 minutes to explore. 

However, we suggest you spend two to three hours exploring all the features and exhibits of the Summit One Vanderbilt observation decks.

Best Time To Visit The Summit One Vanderbilt Observation Decks

The best time to visit Summit One Vanderbilt observation decks is early morning or an hour before sunset.

Visitors enjoy the sunset experience at the One Vanderbilt the most.

The city lights and the golden sun setting on the horizon make the visit worth it.

Summit One Vanderbilt experience at night is a must-try for all visitors.

This is the best time to watch New York City glitter and glow in the lights.

Tips for visiting Summit One Vanderbilt Observation Deck

  • Book your Summit One Vanderbilt tickets in advance since the tickets are timed and have high demand.
  • Check out all the AIR zones, Sky Ledge and interactive art exhibits without fail.
  • Try the Ascent elevator ride for a complete tour.
  • We recommend you carry sunglasses to escape the bright reflections during the day.
  • Avoid high heels and opt for comfortable footwear.
  • Visitors should be mindful that the observation deck is totally glass and dress mindfully to avoid unwanted exposure.
  • Visit nearby attractions to enjoy a full day out in NYC.

Featured Image: Summitov.com

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