10 Tips to Visit Summit One Vanderbilt

Summit One Vanderbilt is an iconic skyscraper in New York City, standing tall at 1,401 feet (427 meters). 

Visiting this remarkable structure is an experience like no other. 

As you plan your visit to Summit One Vanderbilt, here are ten tips to enhance your experience and ensure it’s as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

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1. Plan Ahead

Summit One Vanderbilt is a popular attraction, and tickets can sell out quickly, especially during peak tourist seasons.

To ensure you get the date and time slot you prefer, it’s wise to book your tickets in advance online.

Planning ahead also allows you to check for any special events or exhibits happening during your visit.

Research the best times to visit, what attractions are available and how to get around the area.

2. Choose The Ticket That Suits You Best

Purchase Tickets in Advance
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Different ticket types are available, offering various experiences like general admission, private guided tours and combination tickets.

While the entry ticket lets you jump ticket queues, the private tour offers priority entry.

With the combo tickets, you can visit Summit and another NYC attraction with a 10% discount.

Hence, you need to pick the ticket that suits you best for the perfect experience.

3. Photography tips

Bring a Camera
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Do not forget to bring your camera!

Summit One Vanderbilt has beautiful views of Manhattan and the surrounding area, so capture some sights.

Photography enthusiasts will find endless opportunities for capturing stunning shots of the city’s skyline.

For the best photos, clean your camera lens or smartphone screen before your visit, and consider bringing a small, portable tripod.

Remember, the glass and reflections can be challenging to work with, so look for angles that minimize glare or use them creatively.

4. Avoid Skirts and Dresses

Proper apparel is one of the most important items on the guide to visit Summit One Vanderbilt. 

Visitors are advised to wear shorts, pants, or leggings when visiting Summit One Vanderbilt, as some of the exhibits feature mirrors on the floor.

However, if needed, there is a slight privacy path with non-reflective surfaces, though going this way may deprive visitors of the whole experience.

5. Opt for Flat Bottom Shoes 

To protect the glass floors, wearing high heels, sports cleats and steel-toed boots are prohibited. 

Comfortable footwear tops the list in a guide to visit Summit One Vanderbilt

It is essential to choose the right footwear to enjoy the experience to its fullest. 

6. Remember Sunglasses

Are you noting down the tips and tricks to visit Summit One Vanderbilt? Then you can not miss your sunglasses on the list.

At the summit of Vanderbilt, the mirrored walls and floors intensely reflect light, higher than the rest of the city. 

Hence, visitors are advised to bring their sunglasses or borrow a pair at the entrance and return it when they leave.

7. Visiting Tip: Be ready to allot 90 minutes

Upon arriving at Summit One Vanderbilt, visitors should allot around 90 minutes for check-in, security and experience. 

If they wish to dine, they should plan for additional time.

However, we suggest guests spend two to three hours enjoying all the Summit One Vanderbilt features. 

8. Flashing Lights

If visitors are sensitive to flashing lights or photosensitive, they should inform a staff member. 

The elevator ride involves flashing lights so the staff can arrange an alternate route for the visitor to reach the observation deck at the top. 

9. Check Out All the Art Installations

Summit One Vanderbilt is not just about the views; it also hosts several immersive art installations.

Take your time to experience these installations fully, as they are designed to enhance your visit and provide unique, memorable moments.

Do not miss exhibits like Affinity, Cloud, Reflect and Unity.

10. Explore the Surrounding Area

The area around Summit One Vanderbilt is rich with attractions, including Grand Central Terminal, the New York Public Library, and Bryant Park.

If time allows, explore these iconic landmarks either before or after your visit to Summit One Vanderbilt.

Each offers its unique charm and history, enriching your New York City experience.

FAQs About Visiting Summit One Vanderbilt

1. Is there a dress code for SUMMIT One Vanderbilt?

Visitors are advised to wear shorts, pants, or leggings when visiting Summit One Vanderbilt, as some of the exhibits feature mirrors on the floor. 

However, if needed, there is a slight privacy path with non-reflective surfaces, though going this way may deprive visitors of the whole experience.

In addition, visitors should not wear footwear that could damage the glass floors, like stiletto heels and steel-toed boots.

2. Can you take pictures in SUMMIT One Vanderbilt?

You can take pictures at Summit One Vanderbilt with personal, hand-held cameras. 

Professional A/V equipment, including tripods, selfie sticks, monopods, commercial video or photo equipment, megaphones, amplifiers and drones, are not permitted. 

3. Are backpacks allowed at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt?

Visitors can carry standard backpacks, purses and messenger bags on the observatory decks.

Summit prohibits carrying suitcases, trunks, wheeled duffle bags, carry-on bags and packages.

Visitors should also note that no storage facility is available at Summit One Vanderbilt to store luggage. 

4. Can kids go to SUMMIT One Vanderbilt?

Children under five years old can visit the Summit One Vanderbilt for free. 

An adult should always accompany all kids under 16 during the Summit One Vanderbilt experience. 

5. How much does it cost to go to SUMMIT One Vanderbilt?

The Summit One Vanderbilt Experience ticket costs $46 for adults (13+ years) and $39 for youth (6 to 12 years). 

Children under 5 enjoy free entry to the Summit One Vanderbilt.  

6. How do you get into the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt?

Summit One Vanderbilt lies on One Vanderbilt Avenue, above the Grand Central Terminal. 

Visitors can enter Summit One Vanderbilt from the transit hall in Grand Central Terminal. 

If you are in the main concourse, then head west. 

The Summit One Vanderbilt entrance lies on the Main Concourse Level of Grand Central Terminal inside the Vanderbilt Passage. 

Travelers should look for the “Observation Deck” signage to reach the Summit.

Note: You can not enter the Summit from the One Vanderbilt lobby. 

Some of the best Summit One Vanderbilt tickets are as follows:

Secure your entry to the observatory deck with the Summit One Vanderbilt experience ticket

Summit One Vanderbilt + Museum of Modern Art combination ticket offers entry to both attractions.

With the Summit One Vanderbilt + Empire State Building ticket, experience the best observatory decks in NYC.

Get the Summit One Vanderbilt + Central Park combo ticket for the best evening in NYC.

Summit One Vanderbilt + Madame Tussauds combo ticket is your pass to visit the Summit observatory deck and museum in New York. 

Featured Image: Summitov.com

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