Blue Man Group New York Tickets, Prices, Show, Timings, What To Expect and more

Are you looking for a unique and exciting way to experience live entertainment? 

Look no further than the Blue Man Group! 

With their signature blue makeup, wild antics, and spectacular performances, this group will provide a truly memorable experience. 

Read more about Blue Man Group New York tickets, performances, the best seats, and more!


Show Duration: 1 hr 30 min

Show timing: 8 pm to 9.30 pm

Ticket Price: $70 to $94

Best Seats: Front row in the Orchestra section

Location: Off-Broadway Astor Place Theatre. Get Directions.

What is the Blue Man Group

What is blue man show
Image: Chicagotribune.com

Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton, and Chris Wink were the entrepreneurs who formed Blue Man Group – a global enterprise that has brought joy to millions of people. 

They are also innovators, educators, artists and contemporary comedians. 

The trio’s bald and blue characters have become a cultural phenomenon and have created a thriving arts organization. 

It all began when they noticed a clash of cultures on a New York sidewalk and decided to embody it in their performance. 

They experimented with different props and ideas and, in 1991, debuted their show at La MaMa theater. 

Since then, the show has been a mainstay in New York, Boston, Chicago and other cities. 

Blue Man Group has also been used as a springboard for numerous projects, including a rock tour, a museum exhibition, a 3D movie and a school. 

The character remains enigmatic and timeless, and the trio continues tending to the show and creating new material. 

The show’s success has enabled them to pursue their passion for creativity and innovation.

Blue Man Group New York tickets

 Blue Man Group tickets
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You can buy tickets to the Blue Man Group online or at the counter. But you might not get tickets at the counter due to the group’s popularity!

We suggest getting your tickets online ahead of time.

If you buy tickets online, you can book the best seats, skip waiting in lines and get the best discounts! 

Online tickets allow flexibility in choosing your date and seats and are usually cheaper. 

Blue Man Group New York show ticket prices

You can choose two seating options while booking your Blue Man Group show tickets.

Mezzanine seats cost $70 and Orchestra seats cost $94 for all visitors over 5 years of age.

Your ticket price will vary according to the seating option you choose.

Mezzanine $70

Note: The show is not suited for children below 4 years and people with epilepsy. 

Blue Man Group timings at New York Broadway

Blue Man Group timings
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The Blue Man Group show timings change throughout the week. 

The weekday shows start at 7 pm or 8 pm. 

On weekends, there are multiple shows at 2 pm, 5 pm or 8 pm. 

The show is not available on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, depending on the month.

The Blue Man Group performance typically lasts 90-105 minutes without intermission.

Here is the Blueman Group show NYC Broadway schedule for November:

Day Timings
Monday7 pm
Tuesday7 pm
WednesdayNo Show (show available only on Nov 22)
Thursday7 pm
Friday5 pm and 8 pm
Saturday2 pm, 5 pm and 8 pm
Sunday 2 pm, 5 pm

📢 Important Notice
There are no Blue Man group shows on November 1, 8, 14, 15, 23, 27 to 30.

On November 22 (Wednesday), Blue Man Group has shows at 2 pm, 5 pm, 8 pm.

You can enjoy extra shows at 11 pm and 8 pm on November 24 and 25 (Friday and Saturday).

Beat seats for the Blue Man Group

What is Blue Man Group
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Where is the best place to sit for the Blue Man Group NYC? 

You should book your seats in the front row of the Orchestra section. 

We recommend picking seats in the front Orchestra section to maximize your Blue Man Group experience and have the most fun. 

You will appreciate the interactive show even more!

The front mezzanine seats are another popular choice if they don’t have your preferred seats! 

How to secure the best seats?

Book your Blue Man Group tickets in advance. 

Unless you have crazy connections in New York, booking in advance is your only option for securing the best seats. 

The tickets to the front row of the Orchestra section generally get booked 1 to 2 months before the show! 

Where to watch the Blue Man Group in New York? 

In New York, you can experience the Blue Man Group magic right where it started. 

The three bald blue men perform sold-out shows at the Astor Place Theatre. 

Address: 434 Lafayette St #1, New York, NY 10003. Get Directions

How to reach 

New York is well connected with public transport and road networks. You will have no problem getting to Astor Place Theatre. 

You can also choose to drive or take a taxi to get there! Enter ‘Astor Place Theatre’ into the GPS, and you will be on your way!

Visitors can reach Blue Man Group by taking the following modes:

By Bus

The closest bus station & their distance from the Blue Man Group are listed below:

Station NameDistance
E 9 St/4 Av2 min walk
4 Av/E 9 St2 min walk
3 Av/Astor Pl3 min walk
E 8 St/Lafayette St3 min walk
E 8 St/Mercer St4 min walk
Broadway/Waverly Pl5 min walk

By Subway

If you plan to take the subway to visit Blue Man Group, here is a list of stations near & their distance from the Blue Man Group.

Station NameDistance
Astor Pl2 min walk
Broadway-Lafayette St4 min walk
8 St-Nyu4 min walk
3 Av8 min walk

What to expect at the Blue Man Group show

The Blue Man Group’s performances mix comedy, music, and multimedia theatrics. 

During a performance, the Blue Men don full-body blue paint, masks, and various bizarre and colorful costumes. 

They use a variety of instruments to create an eclectic mix of music, ranging from tribal drums to electric guitars. 

The Blue Man Group often performs stunts such as juggling fire and playing games with the audience.  

The Blue Man Group also incorporates multimedia elements into its performances. 

Videos, animation, and lighting create a unique visual experience. 

The Blue Man Group often uses a network of television screens to create a 3-D virtual world, which the Blue Men explore and interact with during the show. 

The Blue Man Group also frequently uses large-scale props, such as a giant light-up floor and inflatable balls, to enhance their performances.

Book Blue Man Group tickets today online for a memorable experience.

Things to know before you go to the Blue Man Group 

things to know for blue man show
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Here are some things you should know before you go to see the Blue Man Group:

The Blue Man Group is known for its unique performance style, which combines music, comedy, and visual effects. 

The performers are dressed in blue and remain silent throughout the show.

Audience participation is a significant part of the show. 

Be prepared to be involved in some of the acts, whether through interacting with the Blue Men themselves or participating in group activities.

The Blue Men communicate through actions, expressions, and gestures rather than speech. 

This non-verbal communication is central to their performance, so pay attention to their cues and body language.

The show incorporates a variety of visual effects, including multimedia projections, lighting, and props. These effects create a dynamic and immersive experience.

You should expect a captivating musical performance using both traditional and non-traditional instruments.

Photography and recording are not usually allowed during the performance. 

The Blue Man Group’s humor is often playful, absurd, and unexpected. 

Keep an open mind and be ready to embrace the unconventional and unexpected nature of the performance. 

The Blue Man Group offers a unique experience that may challenge your perception of traditional theater.

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Blue Man Group show – FAQs

1. What to wear to the Blue Man Group?

You don’t need to worry about the Blue Man Group dress code when attending their show at the Astor Place Theatre.

Guests can wear casual attire to the show, such as shorts, t-shirts, jeans, and other business casual clothing.

Dresses, suits, and ties are also appropriate.

2. How long is the Blue Man Group performance?

The Blue Man Group performance typically lasts 90-105 minutes without intermission.

3. Where does the Blue Man Group perform?

The Blue Man Group has performed in various theaters, clubs, and other venues worldwide.

In New York City, the Blue Man Group performs at the Astor Place Theatre in the East Village.

4. Is the Blue Man Group worth seeing?

From their exciting live shows to their innovative musical style, Blue Man Group continuously delivers an unforgettable experience.

Combining music, technology, and comedy, their shows are a feast for the senses, designed to entertain and captivate audiences of all ages.

5. How did the Blue Man Group blow up?

Blue Man Group is an avant-garde performance art company that has become a worldwide phenomenon since its inception in 1987.

Through their unique blend of comedy, theatrics, music, and multimedia, they have gained a following of enthusiastic fans worldwide.

They have starred in multiple television shows and films and won numerous awards, including Emmy and Drama Desk Awards.

Their success has made them one of the world’s most iconic and beloved performance art companies.

6. Is the Blue Man Group good for 4-year-olds?

Kids below 5 years are not allowed for the show. 

7. Is Blue Man Group too loud?

If you are considering attending a Blue Man Group performance but are curious if it fits you.

Here is what to expect regarding sound: Music and sound effects are used throughout the show.

However, the volume is kept at a lower level to ensure a sensory-friendly atmosphere.

The performance is also still active and bright.

8. What are the best seats for the Blue Man Group?

Category B (Orchestra) is the best seat in the theater as it provides an unobstructed view of the stage and puts you right in front of the Blue Man Group.

Category A (Mezzanine) also offers a direct view of the stage.

9. Does Blue Man Group call people on stage?

Yes, Blue Man Group does call people on stage. They invite audience members to join them on stage for various interactive activities.

These activities are designed to engage and entertain the audience and to bring them into the show.

10. Would kids enjoy Blue Man Group?

The answer is a resounding yes! Kids love Blue Man Group.

The show is filled with bright colors, crazy music, and laughs.

Kids are drawn to the spectacle and energy of the show, and the show’s creators have made sure to include plenty of kid-friendly jokes, music, and activities.

The show is also very interactive, with the Blue Men inviting kids onstage to join in the fun.

11. What happens if we are running late?

Patrons arriving late may be seated at the discretion of the management, provided it does not disrupt the show.

12. How far in advance can I purchase Blue Man Group tickets?

Blue Man Group tickets are generally sold 1 to 2 months in advance. 

13. Is the Blue Man Group wheelchair accessible?

The theater is designed to be wheelchair accessible, with ramps and elevators available to help those with mobility impairments access all areas of the facility.

In addition, wheelchair-accessible seating is available in the orchestra and mezzanine sections of the theater.

14. Are there food and beverages available at the theater?

Yes, snacks and beverages are available for purchase in the lobby.

15. Where do I park for the Blue Man Group?

Parking is available in the lot south of the theater, off Halsted Street. The spots can’t be reserved but are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

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