Chicago Broadway New York Tickets, Prices, Timings, What to Expect

Get ready to experience a quintessential New York City tradition with a ticket to Chicago on Broadway. 

The ‘Chicago’ on NYC Broadway is an electrifying narrative of fame, fortune, greed, murder, and the glitz of showbiz within the world of jazz. 

Chicago boasts an impressive track record of six Tony Awards, two Olivier Awards, a Grammy, and many standing ovations. 

Whether you’re new to Broadway, a fan of the Academy Award-winning film, or looking to relive the magic, “Chicago” guarantees a captivating experience.

This article shares all the information about Chichago Broadway show tickets, prices, timings, what to expect and more. 


Show Duration: 2.5 hours

Show timing:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – 7 pm

Wednesday – No Show

Friday – 8 pm

Saturday – 2.30 pm and 8 pm

Sunday – 2 pm and 7 pm

Ticket Price: $77 to $141

Best Seats: Mezzanine

Location: Ambassador Theatre. Get Directions. 

Where to buy tickets for the Chicago Broadway New York

Tickets for the Chicago Broadway are available online or at the theater. 

We recommend booking tickets online to skip the long lines at the ticket counter. 

You can also get attractive discounts when you purchase your tickets online. 

If you book last-minute Broadway show tickets, online tickets help you avoid lines and last-minute disappointments. 

When you book online in advance, you can easily secure the best seats. 

Chicago Broadway New York ticket prices

Chicago Broadway show ticket prices in New York begin at $77. 

The pricing varies according to the seating selection you make. 

When booking Chicago Broadway tickets online, you can pick your preferred seat. 

Based on their chosen seats, the ticket pricing details for audience members aged 5 to 99 are provided below.

SeatsTicket Price
Orchestra Center Rows A-H$137
Orchestra Far Side Rows C-O$141
Front Mezzanine Far Side Rows A-E$99
Rear Mezzanine Center Rows A-D$104
Rear Mezzanine Left Side Rows A-D$100
Rear Mezzanine Left Side Rows G-J$77

Chicago Broadway New York show timings

chicago broadway show timings
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Chicago Broadway New York show timings are different every day of the week.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, the show starts at 7 pm.

The show timings are set at 8 pm on Fridays.

On Saturday, the show timings are 2.30 pm and 8 pm.

Chicago Broadway New York show timings are 2 pm and 7 pm on Sundays. 

However, there are no shows on Wednesdays.

Here is the weekly show timing of the Chicago Broadway show: 

Monday7 pm
Tuesday7 pm
WednesdayNo Show
Thursday7 pm
Friday8 pm
Saturday2.30 pm and 8 pm
Sunday2 pm and 7 pm

Best seats for the Chicago Broadway New York

best seat to see chicago broadway
Image: Uticaod.com

Typically, theatergoers find the center or the front seats the best for Chicago Broadway show in New York. 

Some favor mezzanine seating, while others opt for orchestra seats. 

Notably, aisle seats are consistently sought after due to their popularity.

How to secure the best seats

The only way to secure the best seats and by booking your Chicago Broadway show ticket early. 

The show tickets are in high demand, with bookings already filling up well into the future. 

Only a limited number of excellent seats remain available. 

Unless you have a special connection for last-minute offers, planning ahead and purchasing your tickets early is recommended. 

Where to watch the Chicago Broadway in New York

The Moulin Rouge show in New York can be enjoyed at the renowned Ambassador Theatre.

Address: 302 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036. Get Directions. 

To reach the Chicago Broadway show in New York, you have a few convenient options:

By Bus

You can take the Number 14, 19, 24, 29, 38, or 176 bus routes that will take you to Leicester Square and Haymarket, near the theater.

By Tube

If you prefer the subway, Charing Cross Station is just around a 5-minute walk from the theater.

This makes it a quick and easy way to get to the Chicago Broadway show in New York.

By Car

If you prefer to travel by car, you’re in luck. 

Q-Park collaborated with ATG customers and offered a 15% discount on pre-booked parking for your visit. 

Booking in advance is hassle-free, and you can secure your discounted parking spot on the Q-park website

What to expect 

Things to know before you go to Chicago Broadway New York 

Here are some important pointers to keep in mind when preparing to attend the Chicago Broadway show in New York:

  • Planning ahead and securing your tickets well in advance is highly recommended.
  • Arriving with a full stomach is advisable, as food isn’t allowed in theaters.
  • The dress code for the event is smart casual.
  • Make sure to arrive at the show beforehand, allowing you to locate your seat comfortably before the performance begins.
  • Most theaters are equipped with wheelchair accessibility to accommodate all attendees.
  • Children aged 3 and below are not permitted.
  • Certain content within the show may not be suitable for children under the age of 12.
  • Regardless of age, all individuals must possess a valid entry ticket.
  • Seating is allocated based on availability and cannot be arranged in advance.
  • The theater is dedicated to ensuring a healthy and safe environment for both the audience and performers.
  • Tickets for the show are non-refundable.
  • To attend the show, guests must be fully vaccinated with a vaccine authorized by the FDA or WHO. Proof of vaccination and a valid ticket are mandatory upon entry.
  • Children aged 5 to 11 are allowed into the theatre only when accompanied by a vaccinated adult and with proof of at least one dose of an FDA or WHO-approved vaccine.

Chicago Broadway Show – FAQs

Is Chicago the Musical worth seeing? 

Chicago the Musical is a must-see for theater enthusiasts.

Its captivating storytelling, dynamic dance numbers, and memorable songs offer an immersive experience that continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.

What is special about Chicago the Musical? 

Chicago’s uniqueness lies in its sizzling portrayal of 1920s Chicago, filled with satirical wit and cynical humor.

The “murderers” and their pursuit of fame through crime make the show stand out as its timeless exploration of celebrity culture and corruption.

How to dress for a Chicago musical? 

Attending a Chicago musical warrants smart casual attire.

Opt for stylish, comfortable clothing, avoiding overly formal or casual outfits.

Dressing in line with the show’s setting and era can enhance the experience.

How long does Chicago the Musical take? 

Chicago the Musical typically has a runtime of about 2 hours and 30 minutes, including the intermission.

This allows ample time to immerse oneself in the show’s captivating story and performances.

Is Chicago musical family-friendly? 

While Chicago contains mature themes and some explicit content, it’s recommended for mature audiences due to its portrayal of crime, sensuality, and satire.

It might not be suitable for young children.

Is Chicago a comedy or drama? 

Chicago uniquely melds both comedy and drama.

It’s a dark comedy characterized by its satirical take on crime and celebrity culture.

It delves into dramatic themes of corruption and the pursuit of fame.

What is the plot of Chicago the Musical? 

Chicago centers on Roxie Hart, who murders her lover and is jailed.

There, she encounters Velma Kelly, another murderer, and both vie for fame and attention from their lawyer, Billy Flynn.

The show critically examines the media’s role in shaping public perception.

Why is the Chicago musical so famous? 

Chicago’s fame is rooted in its clever storytelling, catchy songs, and innovative choreography inspired by Bob Fosse.

Its exploration of the darker sides of fame and justice and its satirical commentary have made it a timeless classic.

What age rating is Chicago musical? 

Chicago the Musical generally carries a PG-13 rating due to mature themes, sensuality, and suggestive content.

Parental guidance is recommended for teenagers and young adults.

Is Chicago appropriate for high school? 

Chicago’s mature themes and content make it more suitable for mature high school students.

Teachers and parents should assess its content to determine if it aligns with the school’s values and the students’ maturity levels.

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