An Ultimate Guide to Broadway Shows in New York

New York welcomes you to the world of theater. 

New York Broadway is one of the city’s most famous areas with various theater houses. 

Broadway lies close to Times Square and holds over 41 theaters.

You can witness long-running musicals like Lion King and Hamilton and new hits like Moulin Rouge and Blue Man Group show. 

This article gives all the information you need before you buy your Broadway show tickets.

The best New York Broadway Shows

Broadway shows in NYC are a must-try for all visitors touring the city or anyone looking for an exciting way to spend the weekend. 

There are over 25 Broadway shows offering a varied experience.

But there are some things common among these shows – Audiences are dazzled by spectacular sets, costumes, and performances at these shows. 

The shows bring in laughter, sorrow, suspense and more with the immersive story and music. 

Broadway shows are typically two to three hours long; most have an intermission. 

Here are some of the best New York Broadway shows you must try. 

The Lion King On Broadway

The Lion King On Broadway
Image: Learningenglish.voanews.com

The Lion King is a heartwarming and timeless classic and the longest-running Broadway show in New York. 

This six-time Tony Award winning show has marvelous sights and sounds, adapted from the classic 1994 Disney movie. 

The Lion King tells the story of Simba, a young lion cub who must find his way in the world and his battle against the evil Scar. 

With help from his friends Timon and Pumbaa, Simba recovers his rightful place as King of the Pridelands.  

This show is suitable for children and adults alike. 

Duration: 2.5 hrs

Ticket Price:

SeatingTicket Price
Rear Mezzanine$132
Rear Orchestra Sides/Mid-Mezzanine$150
Mezzanine Rear$150
Mezzanine Sides$159
Orchestra Front Sides/Front Mezzanine Sides$170
Orchestra/Center Front Mezzanine$179
Rear Orchestra Center and Front Mezzanine $176
Rear Orchestra Sides and Mid Mezzanine$180
Rear Orchestra Sides Mid Mezzanine $181
Orchestra Front Sides and Front Mezzanine Sides$189
Orchestra and Center Front Mezzanine$207
Note: Not suitable for children under 5

Aladdin on Broadway

Experience the magic of Aladdin on Broadway! 

This lavish musical follows the daring journey of street-smart urchin Aladdin, whom a magical Genie grants three wishes. 

Along the way, he must face the villainous Jafar and battle for the affection of the beautiful Princess Jasmine. 

With a score featuring classic Disney songs and stunning choreography, Aladdin on Broadway is not to be missed! 

Duration: 2.5 hrs

Ticket Price:

SeatingTicket Price
Rear Balcony$132
Mezzanine Far Sides and Rear Mezzanine$140
Orchestra Far Side/ Mezzanine Side$146
Orchestra Sides$155
Orchestra Sides, Mid Mezzanine$160
Orchestra Center and Near Sides/Front Mezzanine$173
Orchestra Side/Mid Mezzanine$175
Mezzanine Far Sides/Rear Mezzanine$221
Orchestra Far Sides$224
Mezzanine Side$255
Orchestra Center and Near Sides and Front Mezzanine$318
Note: Not suitable for children under 5

Moulin Rouge! The Musical Broadway 

Moulin Rouge! The Musical Broadway 
Image: Ew.com

Moulin Rouge is a stunning reimagining of Baz Luhrmann’s beloved film that transports audiences to the magical world of the Montmartre Quarter of Paris. 

Now is your chance to experience this award-winning production at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre on Broadway. 

Experience the spectacle of the Moulin Rouge as the star-crossed lovers Christian and Satine come together to share a passionate journey of music and love. 

Duration: 2.5 hrs

Ticket Price

SeatsTicket Price
Mezzanine Rear Side R-T$88
Mezzanine Rear Side O-Q/Mezzanine Rear Center R-S$99
Mezzanine Mid Side G-N/Mezzanine Rear Center N-Q$122
Orchestra Rear Center V-W/Orchestra Rear Outer Side P-T$145
Orchestra Rear Side P-R/Mezzanine Mid Center G-H/Mezzanine O$168
Orchestra Front Side E-H/Mezzanine Front Center E-F$202
Orchestra Center F-N/Mezzanine Front Side A-B$294
Orchestra Front Side E-H/Mezzanine Front Center E-F/Mezzanin$133
Orchestra Rear Center V-W/Orchestra Rear Outer Side P-T/Mezz$88
Orchestra Rear Side P-R/Mezzanine Mid Center G-H$99

MJ Broadway

MJ Broadway
Image: Nytimes.com

Get ready to take a magical journey through Michael Jackson’s greatest hits with iconic choreography, breathtaking visuals, and incredible performances. 

This is a jukebox musical based on Michael Jackson’s life. 

This show premiered on Broadway in 2022 and is one of the most-watched shows in the last year. 

With a pre-booked Broadway show ticket, you will get this electrifying show.

Duration: 2.5 hrs

Ticket Price:

SeatsTicket Price
Rear Orchestra/Mezzanine$145
Mid Mezzanine $149
Note: Not suitable for children under 4

Wicked Broadway

Travel to the land of Oz and experience the magic of “Wicked”, the most beloved Broadway shows of all time. 

This follows the story of Oz before Dorothy.

Enjoy the enchanting music, stunning visuals, and thrilling story as you witness the incredible journey of Elphaba and Glinda.

Duration: 2.5 hrs

Ticket Price:

SeatingTicket price
Rear Mezzanine $118
Rear Orchestra/ Rear Mezzanine$128
Mid Mezzanine$153

& Juliet on Broadway

& Juliet on Broadway
Image: Nytimes.com

& Juliet is a hilarious musical comedy on Broadway, performing at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre. 

Audiences will be dazzled with a modern twist on Shakespeare’s classic tale, featuring pop music top hits such as “Baby One More Time” and “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” 

Enjoy a night of laughter and good music with a ticket to & Juliet.

Duration: 2.5 hrs

Ticket Price

SeatTicket Price
Mezzanine Far Side AA-FF$153
Orchestra Center R-U, Far Side F-Q/Mezzanine GG-JJ$163
Orchestra Far Side A-D/Mezzanine Center EE-FF, Side DD-FF$184
Orchestra N-Q$194
Orchestra Center A-M, Side A-H, Mezzanine Center AA-BB$235
Mezzanine Far Side GG-JJ$122
Orchestra Center A-M, Side A-H/ Mezzaine Center AA-DD$215
Orchestra Center N-Q, Side J-M/ Mezzanine Side AA-CC$194
Orchestra Center R-U, Far Side A-Q/Mezzanine Far Side AA-FF$152
Orchestra Far Side R-U$122
Orchestra Far Side R-U/ Mezzaine Far Side GG-JJ$132
Orchestra Side N-Q/Mezzanine Center EE-FF, Side DD-FF$173
Orchestra Side R-T/Mezzanine GG-JJ$132

Funny Girl on Broadway

NYC’s Funny Girl on Broadway is a must-see show! 

Starring Lea Michele as Fanny Brice, enjoy memorable songs like “Don’t Rain on My Parade” and a story of love, success, and heartache in the heart of New York City. 

Duration: 2.5 hrs

Ticket Price:

SeatTicket Price
Mezzanine N-Q$145
Mezzanine K-O$156
Mezzanine F-J$202
Mezzanine A-E$236
Orchestra Side C-V$236
Orchestra Center Q-V, Side Q-S$294
Orchestra Center K-P, Side BB-P $351
Orchestra Center Q-V, Side Q-S, Far Side C-V$305

Hadestown on Broadway

Hadestown is a Broadway musical with music and lyrics by Anaïs Mitchell and a book by Tony Award winner John Logan. 

The show tells the story of the commune founded by a man named John who, after being told his life will be over, chooses to follow his path. 

The songs in the show reflect John’s journey and the people he meets along the way. 

The show has received rave reviews, with many calling it one of the best Broadway productions in years.

Duration: 2.5 hrs

Ticket Price:

SeatTicket Price
Mezzanine Center F-G, Sides B-F$122
Orchestra Sides P-S$122
Orchestra Center J-L, Sides H-K$202
Mezzanine Center H, Sides B-H$88

Chicago Broadway

Chicago Broadway
Image: Nytimes.com

Witness the story of Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly come to life on stage as they fight for fame and fortune in the legendary city of Chicago. 

Enjoy the award-winning score of classic songs such as “All That Jazz,” “Cell Block Tango,” “Razzle Dazzle,” and “The Class”. 

Get ready to experience a night that will be sure to entertain and amaze you with a ticket to “Chicago The Musical” at the Ambassador Theatre in New York City.

Duration: 2.5 hrs

Ticket Price

SeatsTicket Price
Orchestra Center Rows A-H$137
Orchestra Far Side Rows C-O$141
Front Mezzanine Far Side Rows A-E$99
Rear Mezzanine Center Rows A-D$104
Rear Mezzanine Left Side Rows A-D$100
Rear Mezzanine Left Side Rows G-J$77

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Broadway 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Broadway 
Image: Nytimes.com

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the must-see Broadway show of the year. 

Audiences can join the next generation of the wizarding world and follow the adventures of Harry Potter’s son, Albus Potter, as he navigates the enchanting world of magic. 

This show offers spellbinding production and enchanting act into the world of Hogwarts after Harry Potter and his friends. 

Duration: 2.5 hrs

Ticket Price:

SeatTicket Price
Rear Balcony$99
Rear Orchestra or Mid Dress Circle Seating $159

How long are Broadway shows

Most Broadway shows are about two and a half an hour long, including an intermission of 10-20 minutes. 

In some cases, the running time can be shorter or longer. 

For example, some musicals can be as short as 90 minutes, while others can stretch over 3 hours.

Where are Broadway shows in NYC

Broadway shows in NYC can be found in the famous Broadway theater district. 

This area, also known as the Great White Way, is the most well-known theater district in the world and home to many of the most iconic and beloved Broadway shows. 

Broadway theaters are primarily between 41st Street and 54th Street and between Sixth Avenue and Ninth Avenue in Manhattan.

How to buy tickets for Broadway show

You can buy tickets to New York Broadway shows online. 

Online tickets are a great way to secure a seat to your favorite Broadway show quickly and easily. 

If you book your tickets online and in advance, you can secure the best seats for the show. 

This also saves time and energy you will waste getting a ticket from the ticket counter. 

Purchasing a ticket online offers amazing discounts and saves you from last minute disappointments. 

What is the dress code for Broadway shows NYC

The dress code for Broadway shows can be both formal and informal. 

Although there is no specific dress code, many people choose to dress more formally and wear items such as cocktail dresses, suits, blazers, and dress shoes. 

For those who prefer a more casual look, t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers are commonly worn. 

Are Broadway shows worth it?

Yes,  Broadway shows are worth it. Broadway shows are renowned for their outstanding performances, unique stories, and stunning sets. 

They offer an unforgettable experience and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Many shows also feature high-quality acting, singing, and dancing that will mesmerize you. 

Broadway shows also allow you to see something you can’t find in any other medium. 

New York Broadway shows FAQs

Can you eat in a Broadway show in NYC?

Most  Broadway theaters permit you to eat snacks at your seat. 

However, this is usually not the case for Off-Broadway theaters, aside from the concession stands in the lobby.

Even so, security probably won’t stop you from bringing a small snack, like a candy bar, in your bag.

Are Broadway shows NYC dark on Monday?

On Broadway, Monday is known as the “black” day because theatres are shuttered so staff members and performers can take the day off. 

However, some programs add a Sunday night performance to capitalize on the absence of competition that day. 

They usually start at 8 pm.

Some theaters might be closed on Wednesdays instead of Mondays, hence, check the show timings before your visit. 

What days of the week are Broadway shows played in NYC?

Broadway productions typically run from Tuesday through Sunday, with no performances on Monday. 

On Wednesday and Saturday, there are often two performances: a matinee and an evening.

There is one performance on the remaining four days, typically a matinée on Sunday and an evening performance on weekdays.

Are Broadway tickets cheaper in advance?

Yes, Broadway tickets are cheaper in advance.

However, it is always best to buy tickets online in advance to save money and ensure you get the best seats.

How much are Broadway tickets?

The cost of Broadway tickets can vary greatly depending on the seating section.

Individual tickets generally range from $40 to $200, with premium tickets costing up to $350 or more.

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