Statue of Liberty – tickets, prices, discounts, what to expect and more

The Statue of Liberty is an American monument crafted and gifted by the French is a symbol of hope and freedom. 

Considered the best vantage point in NYC, the Statue of Liberty attracts over 4 million visitors each year. 

The Pedastal and the crown area offer incredible views fo the city skyline from the waters. 

While visiting Lady Liberty on Liberty Island, you should also visit Ellis Island. Ellis Island is the best place to learn the immigration history of America.

With this article, you will learn everything you need about the Statue of Liberty- ticket types, prices, what to expect, hours, how to reach and more. 


Hours: 9 am to 6.45 pm

Last Entry: 6.15 pm

Time Needed: 3 to 6 hours

Ticket Cost: $30 to $109

Best Time: Early morning or afternoon 

Location: Liberty Island, New York Harbor, NY 1004. Get Direction

Address: Battery Park from New York and Liberty State Park from New Jersey

What to Expect at the Statue of Liberty

Liberty Island is home to the famous symbol of hope and opportunity in America- Lady Liberty.

But it’s not just the statue – there’s also a park and a museum dedicated to the Statue of Liberty. 

You can admire the beauty of Lady Liberty and notice all the detailed designs from different angles.

If you have the Statue of Liberty pedestal and crown tickets, you are in for an amazing view of New York Harbor. 

The Museum of the Statue of Liberty makes this special monument come alive by explaining its history and importance. 

Visiting Ellis Island is a great way to discover American Immigration history. 

While visiting, you can imagine what it was like for the people who came to America as immigrants. 

The Immigration Museum on Ellis Island tells the story of people coming to America for a long time, starting from the 1500s. 

Where to buy Statue of Liberty tickets

You can buy Statue of Liberty tickets online or at the ticket counter in Liberty Park (New Jersey) or Battery Park (New York).

We suggest getting your tickets online ahead of time.

If you buy tickets online, you skip the long wait, which might take 2 hours, especially during holidays and the busy tourist season in the spring.

Online tickets also give you different tour choices and are usually cheaper. 

You can also choose the exact date and time you want to go. 

Here are all the Statue of Liberty tickets for you to choose the best one for you! 

Statue of Liberty ticket prices

You can purchase an entry ticket to the Statue of Liberty at a price of $30 for adult visitors (13 to 61 years). 

The Statue of Liberty ticket costs $18 for children (4 to 12 years) and $24 for Senior Citizens (62+ years).

Infants below 3 years enjoy free entry. 

It costs $50 to explore the pedestal area and $54 to take a guided tour of the crown.

Visitors who like to cruise around Liberty Island pay $41, while those taking a helicopter tour over the island pay $200. 

Types of Statue of Liberty tickets

Types of Statue of Liberty tickets
Image: Demerzel21 from Getty Images (Canva)

There are 3 access levels at the Statue of Liberty – ground, pedestal and the crown. 

You can choose the ticket based on which part of the statue you want to explore. 

1. Ground-only ticket

The most common ticket to the Statue of Liberty is the Ground access or the reserve ticket. 

With this ticket, you can explore the grounds of Liberty Island and visit the museum. 

It’s a great choice if you want to enjoy the surroundings and learn more about the area.

This ticket also covers your ferry ride. 

You can take a ferry from Liberty State Park in New Jersey or Battery Park in New York. 

The ferry will take you to Liberty Island, then to Ellis Island, and finally back to the main part of the city.

2. Pedestal ticket

The pedestal is the base that holds up the Statue of Liberty. 

With tickets for the pedestal, you can get close to the Statue of Liberty and see fantastic city views.

But it’s important to know that a limited number of pedestal tickets are available, and they can be tricky to get. 

Booking your tickets beforehand is a good idea if you want to go up to the pedestal. 

That way, you make sure you get a chance to see it up close.

 3. Crown ticket: 

The crown ticket is the priciest option, and only 500 tickets are available daily. 

Crown tickets let you visit the ground, the pedestal, and the crown itself. 

The crown is the highest part of the Statue of Liberty that you can climb up to. 

From there, you can see the torch up close and get a fantastic view of the whole New York skyline from high up.

Crown tickets are in high demand, and only a few are available daily. So, you must reserve them way ahead of time – about six months before your visit. 

That’s why many people choose to go with ground access tickets instead.

Note: Have you made a spontaneous plan to visit the Lady Liberty? You can get the last minute Statue of Liberty tickets to save your trip. 

Statue of Liberty Timed tickets

You can only tour the Statue of Liberty and go on the cruises at the time slot booked by you in advance.

It is always better to get the ferry terminal about 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

Changing your reservation can be challenging if you arrive late and miss your scheduled time. 

And unfortunately, if you are late? You won’t be allowed to enter the Statue of Liberty or go on the ferries. 

Statue of Liberty Ferry

Statue of Liberty Ferry
Image: Pio3 (Canva)

The Statue of Liberty is on Liberty Island, which is only accessible by taking a ferry.

There are only two terminals, one in New York and one in New Jersey. 

Statue of Liberty Ferry Routes

The Statue of Liberty ferry route changes based on the ferry terminal. 

You can choose between two ferry terminals: 

  • Battery Park in New York
  • Liberty State Park in New Jersey

Ferry from Battery Park takes you to Liberty Island first and then to Ellis Island before returning to Battery Park.

But if you catch a ferry from Liberty State Park, it goes to Ellis Island first. Then it goes to Liberty Island before heading back to Liberty State Park.

However, the times when ferries leave from Liberty State Park and Battery Park might differ. 

The ferry service starts at 8.30 am and ends at 4 pm. 

Statue of Liberty Ferry Tickets

Visitors need not purchase ticket for the ferry.

They are included in the Statue of Liberty entry ticket when you purchase them online.  

Statue of Liberty Ferry Schedule 

The Statue of Liberty ferry schedule changes according to the season. 

SeasonsFirst ferry departureLast ferry departure
Mid-March to Late May8.30 am3.30 pm
Late May to early September8.30 am5 pm
Early September to Mid October8.30 am4 pm
Mid-October to Mid-March9 am3.30 pm

You can choose the ferry timings while booking your Statue of Liberty tickets. 

Visitors can check more about the Statue of Liberty ferry schedule here. 

Planning to take the last ferry? – Here are something you should know

Visitors taking the last ferry from Battery Park get only half an hour to explore the Stateu of Liberty. 

You will not get enough time to enjoy the monument. 

Also, the last ferry doesn’t go to Ellis Island, so you won’t get to see the Immigration Museum there.

If you decide to go from Liberty State Park, the ferry only stops at Ellis Island, meaning you won’t get to visit the Statue of Liberty.

Tourists who only want to see the Statue of Liberty and enjoy the sunset views often opto for a NYC River cruise instead.

With the cruise, you can have a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

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Statue of Liberty Cruises

Do you want a closer look of the Statue of Liberty but do not have enough time or energy to explore the entire island? 

We suggest you take a cruise. 

The cruises take you around the Liberty Island and let you enjoy views of Manhattan and the city skyline from the water.  

Daytime Cruise

During the daytime cruise, you can see the city and the Statue of Liberty all lit up. 

The boat gets close, about 100 feet away from the Statue. 

There’s also an audio guide on the cruise that tells you about the history and important places. 

This cruise is great if you want to learn all about the Statue’s story and its design.

There are different types of daytime cruises you can choose from. 

If you are into sunsets, there’s a 60-minute cruise around the Liberty Islands. It leaves at 4:30 pm, 5:30 pm, 5:50 pm, and 7 pm, costing $33. 

For a longer experience, you can go for a 2-hour cruise. On this one, you will see the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan, and it’s $41. 

And if you are looking for something fancier, there’s a luxury yacht cruise departing at 2:30 pm. It gives you views of lower Manhattan and costs $64.

Nighttime Liberty Cruise

The Nighttime Statue of Liberty cruise is perfect for soaking in the beauty of the lit-up Statue of Liberty and the sparkling city skyline when it’s dark outside.

If you are looking for something romantic and special, there’s the Night Liberty Cruise. 

On this cruise, you enjoy the nighttime views, with a nice dinner and a romantic experience along the Hudson River.

This luxury night cruise includes a three-course dinner, live entertainment, a guide, and more. 

It costs $95 but is a lovely way to spend an evening.

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How to Reach the Statue of Liberty

How to Reach the Statue of Liberty
Image: Laurenbergstrom from Getty Images (Canva)

The Statue of Liberty ferry service is the only way to reach the monument – private transportation isn’t allowed. 

The two places where you can catch the ferry are Battery Park in New York and Liberty State Park in New Jersey.

Here’s how you can get to these ferry terminals:

How to reach Battery Park, New York

Public transportation is easily accessible in the city. 

You can use one such public transit line to reach Battery Park

Reach Battery Park by Subway

You can take subway lines 1, 4, 5, and R. These are via Battery Park.

The closest subway stations to Battery Park are Whitehall St-South Ferry and Bowling Green

The subway stations are 2 and 3 minutes from Battery Park.

Reach Battery Park by Bus

Buses BXM18, M15-SBS, M20, QM11, and QM25; via Battery Park.

State St/Bridge St, State St at Bridge St, and Fdr/Battery PI are the closest bus stations to Battery Park. 

These are just 2 minutes away from Battery Park.

How to reach Liberty State Park, New Jersey

Public transportation in New Jersey isn’t great compared to New York. 

Here are a few options that you can opt for to reach Liberty State Park in New Jersey: 

Reach Liberty State Park by bus

Buses 1, 80, and 86 stop at Liberty State Park Station

You can take a 2-minute walk to Liberty State Park, New Jersey. 

Reach Liberty State Park by Light Rail

Get on the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail and deboard at Marin Boulevard Light Rail Station.

It is a 7-minute walk from Liberty State Park, New Jersey. 

Reach Liberty State Park by Ferry

You can also reach the Liberty State Park by a ferry. 

The closest ferry station is Liberty Harobour/ Marin Boulevard. 

It is an 8-minute walk from Liberty State Park. 

Statue of Liberty Hours

Statue of Liberty Hours
Photo by Jenny Marvin on Unsplash

The Statue of Liberty opening time is 9 am daily. 

But the closing times can change depending on the time of year. 

The first ferry that takes you there leaves at 8:30 am. 

So, you can arrive at the Statue of Liberty as early as 8:45 am, but you can only go inside and explore starting at 9 am.

The last entry to the island grounds is 1 hour before closing and applies only to the pedestal and the crown. 

You are welcome to enjoy the grounds until closing time. 

The last ferry leaves 30 minutes before closing, so plan your visit accordingly.

MonthsOpening Closing
June 24 to Sept 49 am6.45 pm 
Sept 5 to Oct 9 9 am 5.30 pm 
Oct 10 to Dec 23 9 am 4.45 pm
Dec 249 am2.45 pm

Best Time to Visit the Statue of Liberty

The ideal time to visit the Statue of Liberty is right when it opens at 9 am. 

Early in the morning, fewer people are around, making it a more peaceful experience. 

Plus, the weather is cooler, so you can enjoy the amazing view of the monument comfortably. 

After that, you can explore other nearby places without the heat bothering you.

Try to avoid weekends because that’s when lots of folks from New York come, and it can get crowded. 

Going early in the morning also helps you skip the long lines to get on the ferries. 

Waiting in line is no fun, right? If you buy your tickets online ahead of time, you can skip those long ticket counter lines and save time.

Spring, especially April, May, and early June, is the best time to visit the Statue of Liberty. 

New York’s weather is just right – sunny and a bit breezy. This makes it easier for you to enjoy the beauty of Lady Liberty. 

Plan your visit during these months if you are looking for that perfect scene for your photos.

How long does it take

The ferry ride from one stop to the Statue of Liberty takes around 15 to 20 minutes. 

If you have a ground-only ticket, your visit might take about 4 to 5 hours. 

This includes time for security checks, waiting for the ferry, and other lines you might encounter.

To avoid waiting in long lines at the ticket counter, booking your Statue of Liberty tickets well ahead of time is a good idea. 

If you are lucky enough to get a pedestal and crown ticket, your trip could take 5 to 6 hours.

If you happen to catch the last ferry from Battery Park or Liberty Park, your visit might be a bit shorter.

Statue of Liberty Museum

Statue of Liberty Museum
Image: Maria Kray (Canva)

Inside the Statue of Liberty Museum, you will find three fascinating exhibits that take you on a journey. 

These exhibits help you understand history’s important connection between Americans and the French.

When you visit the museum, you get a complete tour that covers everything from how the Statue of Liberty was made to what it looks like today.

Before, only people with pedestal and crown access tickets could go to the museum. But that changed when the museum moved to a new location. 

Now, even visitors with ground-access tickets can enjoy the Statue of Liberty Museum.

Statue of Liberty Audio Tour

Statue of Liberty Audio Tour
Image: Nps.gov

To discover extra details about the history and importance of the Statue, you can use the audio tour available in various languages. 

This audio guide comes with most of the Statue of Liberty tickets, or you can get one at the location.

The audio tour is like a personal guide that leads you through the museum. It provides useful explanations that help you understand the exhibits better.

Statue of Liberty- FAQs

1. Should I get tickets before visiting Statue of Liberty?

Yes. All visitors need to get tickets before visiting Statue of Liberty. 

You can get the tickets either online or at the venue.

2. Is Statue of Liberty free to visit?

All visitors over 3 years of age need a ticket to visit Statue of Liberty. 

Only children below 3 years get free entry.
However, you can visit Statue of Liberty for free with the Go City New York Explorer pass. 

3. How much does it cost to visit Statue of Liberty?

You can purchase an entry ticket to the Statue of Liberty at a price of $30 for adult visitors (13 to 61 years). 

The Statue of Liberty ticket costs $18 for children (4 to 12 years) and $24 for Senior Citizens (62+ years).

Infants below 3 years enjoy free entry. 

4. What is the Statue of Liberty made of?

The Statue of Liberty is made up of copper.

5. Why is the statue of Liberty green?

The copper color Statue of Liberty is green due to oxidisation.

6. Can I bring a backpack to Statue of Liberty?

Yes, you can carry a backpack, bags or stollers to Statue of Liberty Museum and Ellis Island Museum. 

Carry on luggage, suitcases and packages are prohibitted.

Visitors with the pedastal and crown access should leave all food, drinks and backpacks in the lockers.

Featured Image: Demerzel21 from Getty Images (Canva)

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