Madison Square Garden Tours, Prices, Discounts and What to Expect

Madison Square Garden has served as the home base for the New York Rangers and the New York Knicks. 

It’s the second oldest major sports facility in the New York metropolitan area and the oldest arena in the NBA. 

It also is the second oldest arena in the NHL and ranks as the world’s second busiest music venue based on ticket sales. 

It’s often called “The World’s Most Famous Arena.” 

Madison Square Garden is a versatile venue hosting many events, including professional ice hockey, basketball, wrestling, boxing, mixed martial arts, concerts, etc.

Renowned musician Billy Joel has praised its acoustics, reputation, and history, solidifying its status as one of the foremost entertainment and sports venues globally. 

As one of the ten most expensive stadiums, Madison Square Garden is a hub for sports and entertainment.

This article will share everything about the Madison Square Garden tour, including prices, seating, premium features, what to expect, and more.

Why is Madison Square Garden Stadium so Popular?

Since its establishment in 1879, Madison Square Garden has been a beloved hub of New York City life. 

It’s renowned as the “Coolest Arena” in the United States by Rolling Stone.

Called as “Venue of the Decade” by Billboard, the stadium has become synonymous with live sports and entertainment globally. 

Being featured at The World’s Most Famous Arena often highlights an athlete’s or performer’s career.

Madison Square Garden has witnessed countless iconic sports moments as the home to the New York Knicks, Rangers, professional boxing, college basketball, and more. 

These include the 1970 Knicks NBA Championship, the Rangers’ 1994 Stanley Cup Championship, and the legendary “The Fight of the Century” between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in 1971.

From an architectural perspective, the Arena was a marvel of engineering in its time.

Its distinctive circular shape and innovative cable-supported ceiling add to its intimate atmosphere. 

In October 2013, after a comprehensive 3-year renovation, The world’s most famous arena transformed into the world’s most modern venue.

Where can you get Tickets for the Madison Square Garden Tour?

Where can you get Tickets for the Madison Square Garden Tour?
Image: Getyourguide.com

For the most hassle-free experience, buy your Madison Square Garden Stadium tour tickets online. 

Opting for online ticket purchases brings several advantages. 

Firstly, it’s super convenient, allowing you to easily check out available tour times, compare prices, and pick your preferred option from your home. 

Online platforms usually offer a wider variety of tour choices, giving you more flexibility to find a time that works best for your schedule. 

Buying tickets online often comes with great discounts and special offers, helping you save some cash while enjoying your tour to the fullest.

Madison Square Garden All Access Tour

With the Madison Square Garden entry ticket, you can see what makes it the renowned “World’s Most Famous Arena.” 

This ticket gives you access to some of the arena’s most exclusive areas, providing a firsthand glimpse into its history. 

With this ticket, you can relive iconic moments through exhibits like the Defining Moments and Garden 366 Retrospective. 

This ticket lets you experience the VIP treatment in luxury suites and explore the arena bowl, where numerous historical events have unfolded. 

With this ticket, you’ll learn about the stadium’s nearly 150-year history from expert tour guides who are well-versed in every iconic story and defining moment. 

This entry ticket provides access to exclusive backstage areas, offering an up-close view of the iconic concave ceiling from the Chase Bridge. 

This ticket lets you enjoy a behind-the-scenes peek into a luxury suite.

Ticket Includes

  • Madison Square Garden (MSG) all-access tour
  • Professional guide
  • Guide booklets in several languages for non-English speakers

Madison Square Garden Tour Prices

The Madison Garden Stadium tour tickets cost $46 for adults between 13 years and 61 years.

Seniors above 61 and children up to 12 years can get the tickets for $41.

Adult ticket (13 to 61 years)$46
Senior ticket (above 61 years)$41
Child ticket (up to 12 years)$41

What to Expect at Madison Square Garden Stadium

What to Expect at Madison Square Garden Stadium
Image: Getyourguide.com

When heading to Madison Square Garden Stadium, visitors can expect an electrifying atmosphere filled with excitement and energy. 

As one of the most iconic venues in the world, MSG offers a wide range of events, including sports games, concerts, and other live performances. 

Guests can also get top-notch facilities and amenities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience. 

Whether attending a basketball game, hockey match, or concert, visitors can look forward to being immersed in the vibrant atmosphere and witnessing unforgettable moments. 

Madison Square Garden’s central location in New York City makes it easily accessible.

Visitors to Madison Square Garden Stadium can expect an unforgettable experience filled with entertainment and excitement.

Premium Features of the Madison Square Garden Stadium

Some of the premium features of Madison Square Garden Stadium include:

Event Level Suites

Experience top-notch amenities in premium suites located close to the action.

Lexus Suite Level

Enjoy an intimate setting with unbeatable arena views while entertaining guests.

Infosys Suite Level

Relax in a private suite with a panoramic view suspended within the upper bowl.


Host special occasions in a party space with epic views from the rafters.

The HUB Loft

Gain exclusive access to all of MSG’s events with the ultimate ticket.

Madison Club

Enjoy a spacious lounge with a private bar, offering suite perks and season ticket flexibility.

Delta Sky360° Club

Access hospitality space for premium courtside and rinkside tickets.

Knicks Locker Room

Host guests for concerts in a sacred space dedicated to Knicks fans.

Rangers Locker Room

Host guests for concerts in a sacred space dedicated to Rangers fans.

Choosing Seats at the Madison Square Garden Stadium

200-level seats at Madison Square Garden offer various experiences and price ranges. 

The higher rows in these sections are some of the cheaper options for Knicks and Rangers games, while lower rows along the side provide the best views.

Sections along the side have around 25 seats, with row 1 at the front and the entrance tunnel at row 7. 

Sitting in the first six rows is recommended for the best views and easy access.

Front side-section rows offer excellent club-like views for basketball and hockey games. 

For end-stage concerts, sections 212 and 223 are closest to the stage.

A television monitor is placed near the ground at the front of each section, providing replays and stats for guests in row 1. 

The last row in many sections, labeled BS25, includes barstool seats.

End sections on the 200 Level are smaller, with only 3 to 6 rows of seats. 

While sideline views are better, these sections offer easy access to and from the seats, which many fans prefer.

Balcony Seats on the 300 Level at the end of the arena include sections 301 to 309 in the East and 317 to 323 in the West Balcony. 

These seats are on the Chase Bridge level of Stadium Madison Square Garden.

Blue Seats, found in the 400 level, are for the most dedicated fans and are typically the cheapest tickets available. 

Each section has fewer than seven rows but rows 5 to 7 may have obstructions.

For Rangers games, these seats are on the side the team will attack twice, though views of the other side of the ice are more challenging. 

These seats are behind the basket for basketball games and are chosen more for their price than their views.

When watching sports at Madison Square Garden, the best seats are in sections 4, 5, 6, and 10. 

These seats are right by the court, opposite the player benches, giving you a super close view of the action. 

If you want a good view but don’t want to spend as much, check out sections 106-108. 

And if you want lots of legroom and a good scoreboard view, the first row in the upper deck has affordable seats. 

Remember, the closer you are to the action, the more expensive the seats will be.

For concerts, the floor-level seats give you the most immersive experience. 

Sections 1, 2, 3, and sections 101 to 103 also give you a great view straight onto the stage. 

If you’re looking for cheaper tickets with still great views, try sections 107 and 117. 

And for the cheapest tickets that still give you a good view, check out sections 304-307. 

If you’re on a tight budget, start there and then move around the upper deck to find the seats you want. 

You might also want to think about the SkyBridge for a clear but more distant view of the stage, and those seats are usually cheaper, too.

Madison Stadium 2024 Schedule

Here’s the schedule of Madison Square Garden Stadium for February and March 

Date and TimeEvent Name
20 Feb  7 pmNew York Rangers vs. Dallas Stars
21 Feb  8 pmMitski
22 Feb  7 pmPantera
22 Feb  8 pmMitski
23 Feb  8 pmChelsea Cutler
23 Feb  8 pmMitski
24 Feb  8 pmJason Isbell and the 400 Unit
24 Feb  8.30 pmNew York Knicks vs. Boston Celtics
24 Feb  1 pmHarlem Globetrotters
24 Feb  8 pmMitski
25 Feb  8 pmJohn Oliver & Seth Meyers
25 Feb  12 pmSt. John’s Red Storm Men’s Basketball vs. Creighton
26 Feb  7.30 pmNew York Knicks vs. Detroit Pistons
27 Feb  7.30 pmNew York Knicks vs. New Orleans Pelicans
28 Feb  7 pmNew York Rangers vs. Columbus Blue Jackets
29 Feb  7.30 pmNew York Knicks vs. Golden State Warriors
29 Feb  7.30 pmTedeschi Trucks Band
01 March  7 pmShane Gillis Live
01 March  8.30 pmPablo Alboran
01 March  8 pmTedeschi Trucks Band
02 March  8 pmLos Ángeles Azules
02 March  8 pmTedeschi Trucks Band
02 March  7 pmShane Gillis Live
04 March  7 pmNew York Rangers vs. Florida Panthers
05 March  7.30 pmNew York Knicks vs. Atlanta Hawks
07 March  8 pmLove Rocks NYC
08 March  7 pmJerry Seinfeld
08 March  7.30 pmNew York Knicks vs. Orlando Magic
09 March  7.30 pmNew York Rangers vs. St. Louis Blues
09 March  7 pmJerry Seinfeld
09 March  12 pmSt. John’s Red Storm Men’s Basketball vs. Georgetown
10 March  6 pmNew York Knicks vs. Philadelphia 76ers
10 March  8 pmJohn Oliver & Seth Meyers
11 March  7 pmNew York Rangers vs. New Jersey Devils
12 March  7.30 pmJames Acaster
12 March  7.30 pmNew York Knicks vs. Philadelphia 76ers
13 March  4 pmBIG EAST Men’s Basketball Tournament
13 March  7.30 pmJames Acaster
14 March  8 pmJuanes
14 March  7 pmFDNY Bravest Boxing International Battle of the Badges
14 March  8 pmAlex Edelman
14 March  12 pmBIG EAST Men’s Basketball Tournament
15 March  8 pmKenny Wayne Shepherd Band
15 March  8 pmGloria Trevi
15 March  6.15 pmHollywood Fight Nights: Walsh vs. Yeleussinov
15 March  5.30 pmBIG EAST Men’s Basketball Tournament
16 March  8 pmRhiannon Giddens
16 March  8 pmRhiannon Giddens
17 March  7 pmZakir Khan
17 March  1 pmNew York Rangers vs. New York Islanders
19 March  8 pmJon Batiste
19 March  7 pmNew York Rangers vs. Winnipeg Jets
20 March  8 pmStarTalk Live! with Neil deGrasse Tyson
22 March  8 pmFrankie Valli & The Four Seasons
22 March  6.30 pmFall Out Boy
22 March  8.30 pmBarry Manilow
23 March  8 pmNew York Rangers vs. Florida Panthers
23 March  1 pmNew York Knicks vs. Brooklyn Nets
23 March  7.30 pmAnthony Jeselnik
24 March  8 pmONEUS
25 March  7.30 pmNew York Knicks vs. Detroit Pistons
26 March  7 pmNew York Rangers vs. Philadelphia Flyers
27 March  8 pmGarden of Laughs
28 March  8 pmBilly Joel – In Concert
29 March  7.30 pmBen Schwartz & Friends
30 March  8 pmNicki Minaj
30 March  7.30 pmFortune Feimster
31 March  7 pmNew York Knicks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

Things to Know Before Visiting the Madison Square Garden Stadium

Here are some things you should know before visiting the Madison Square Garden Stadium:

  • Smoking, including e-cigarettes, isn’t allowed anywhere in Madison Square Garden according to New York City rules.
  • Daily tours run from 9.30 am to 3 pm.
  • Apart from the main arena, Madison Square Garden has the smaller Hulu Theater, restaurants, bars, and shops.
  • Collapsible strollers are okay at events if they fit under your seat.
  • The venue is accessible to people with mobility, sight, or hearing problems.
  • If an event is “device free,” meaning the artist doesn’t want any recording, no cellphones, smartwatches, cameras, tablets, laptops, Fitbits, or Bluetooth headphones are allowed.
  • Once you leave, you can’t come back in. All exits are final.
  • You can’t bring outside food or drink (even sealed cans or bottles) into The Garden. But clear, soft-plastic, empty bottles are fine.

Is it Worth Visiting the Madison Square Garden Stadium?

Is it Worth Visiting the Madison Square Garden Stadium
Image: Facebook.com(TheGarden)

Madison Square Garden Stadium is a renowned destination in NYC and is worth visiting, especially for music and sports enthusiasts. 

With a remarkable 130-year history, this iconic venue holds a significant spot in the city’s cultural landscape. 

As a vital part of New York’s sports scene, particularly in professional basketball and hockey, MSG has hosted numerous All-Star Games for the NBA, WNBA, and NHL. 

In 2021, it witnessed Stephen Curry’s historic moment when he broke the NBA’s record for three-pointers. 

Over the years, MSG has welcomed many top performers from various fields, including musicians, comedians, and politicians. 

Elton John has hailed it as his favourite performance venue, though Billy Joel currently holds the record for the most shows, with an impressive 134 performances. 

Renowned for its coliseum-inspired architecture and rich legacy, MSG is adored by celebrities and visitors alike. 

A Madison Square Garden tour offers a unique opportunity to explore its most exclusive areas and feel its charm.

FAQs About Madison Square Garden Tours

  1. Can I bring a bag to Madison Square Garden?

    You can bring a bag, but it needs to be within certain dimensions, similar to airplane travel regulations. 

    However, bringing unnecessary bags is discouraged as all bags are subject to screening, including X-ray checks, which can delay entry. 

    Leaving bags at home and only bringing essentials is recommended for the quickest entry. 

    MSG even has a separate expedited line for those without bags!

  2. How many people does Madison Square Garden hold?

    Madison Square Garden can accommodate approximately 20,000 people. 
    Besides hosting concerts and games, it’s also available for private parties.

    You can rent space at MSG for cocktail parties, banquets, or private movie screenings. 

  3. Does Madison Square Garden have lockers?

    The venue has no storage lockers, but Gotham Mini Storage, located nearby, offers affordable temporary storage lockers at hourly and daily rates. 

    Mentioning that you’re attending an event at Madison Square Garden might get you a special rate on your storage locker.

  4. Where can I find storage near Madison Square Garden?

    Gotham Mini Storage, situated close to Madison Square Garden, is a premier self-storage facility in Manhattan. 

    They offer flexible rates, focus solely on storage (no chain storage and annoying contracts), and provide secure, convenient, and clean facilities.

  5. How to get to Madison Square Garden?

    Madison Square Garden is near attractions like Macy’s Herald Square and the Empire State Building. 

    Various subway trains stop at 34th Street/Penn Station, or you can alight at 34th Street/Herald Square and walk one block west to MSG. 

    Take the PATH train from New Jersey to 33rd Street/Avenue of the Americas.

  6. When is the best time to go to Madison Square Garden?

    If you plan to take the Madison Square Garden tour, ensure you visit during tour hours, from 10.30 am to 3 pm.

    Double-check the tour times on days with Knicks games or other events, as they might change.

  7. What is the cost of Madison Square Garden?

    Tickets for Madison Square Garden Stadium cost $46 for adults aged 13 to 61 years. 

    For children up to 12 years old and seniors up to 99 years old, the cost is $41.

  8. How long is the Madison Square Garden tour?

    The Madison Square Garden tour lasts for 1 hour.

Featured Image: Wikipedia.org

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